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Monday, November 16, 2009

River Bottom Farms: week of November 16th

The children are so excited this week as there are 2 other homeschool families currently living at this campground. The girls are especially thrilled as 11 year old, Jen, has an American Girl doll with multiple accessories and has a very similar playing style as them. Her brother just turned 6, so Nate has formed a good friendship with him already - he just loves running around the huge playing field, up and over the playsystem. They are ensuring that school work is done efficiently and quickly in order to rush out and play with each other - it's a win-win for everyone!

The week carried on in much the same vein, lots of playing outside in the afternoon, happily entertained with their friends. We also managed a walk/bike ride down to the river and Jake did some fishing.

We spent one evening at the communal fire pit with the other two families, which the kids of course thought was wonderful. It was such a relaxing week, tough for us all to leave.

The most exciting part of the week for Jake though, was the debuting of the Wii! Dave had received this as a gift on his 10 year anniversary with his company. We hadn't even unpacked it at the time as we were preparing for the trip, we figured we'd bring it out when we were somewhere quiet and needed a little something to do - well, we're constantly busy and there always seems to be something to do, so we just hooked it up and let them know that it was there to play with now and again!

Jake can't wait to share this exciting news with his friends, now we have to figure out how they can connect and play with each other online (clearly I have absolutely no idea and am leaving that particular technical 'need' in the far more capable hands of Dave!).

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