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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday October 25th: back to the US

So ended another visit to England, four weeks, many houses, lots of delicious meals and yummy treats – this is the one time I don’t mind visiting supermarkets: temptation is everywhere!

Due to the time change, our flight thankfully wasn’t as early as it appeared. However, we hadn’t factored in that it was half term and many families were heading Statewards for a week. The lines for check-in and security were long, unfortunately meaning we were unable to enjoy breakfast with Debbie, Jonny, Jasmine and George. In fact, we didn’t really enjoy breakfast at all! By the time we cleared everything, there was enough time to eat one sandwich before boarding the full flight.

It was probably the longest flight we’ve ever been on from Manchester to Philly, there was quite a lot of turbulence and obviously a lot of headwind. I can’t think how many times I silently thanked the makers of inflight entertainment via individual, pausable, screens! The kids exhausted their movie and TV selections and began rotating through them again. Dave managed to watch 3 movies and Jake started in on the History Channel documentaries, pausing them frequently to appraise me of interesting and fascinating facts – I learnt more about the make up of Hawaii than I’d ever known before!

So, we’re home, albeit, briefly.

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