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Monday, December 28, 2009

Lovers Key State Park beach: Christmas Eve

The Slater Family joined us on Christmas Eve at the beach. I had finished all the present wrapping the night before and there was no school or work so it was a perfect day to relax but do something that occupied all the very excited children, the wait was almost unbearable for them.

We were thinking to go to Sanibel Island but figured Lovers Key would be less busy. It was a perfect location, the beach wasn't terribly clean, lots of washed ashore seaweed but that didn't hamper our enjoyment. Jake was excited to learn that Brett was a fisherman and had all the necessary kit for ocean fishing, he borrowed weights and lure and waded out into the water with his rod. Sadly, he wasn't able to catch anything but was happily occupied for a couple of hours.

The kids found two beautiful, large starfish at the edge of the water during the day and very close to the shore, where Jake was fishing, he spotted quite a big stingray, resting in the sand under the water. There were lots of pelicans, diving down to catch fish (they seemed to be finding a large number and were very successful, even when our fishermen weren't!). The pelicans were amazing to watch, very mesmerizing, they dove in perfect formation.

It was a relaxing day, sitting and chatting, watching the kids play and dig deep holes. We left to get showers and dinner before attending the Christmas Eve service at the Campground. The service was good and as a total bonus, according to the kids, there were plates and plates of cookies and sweet punch to follow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having a realy nice time...I enjoy reading your blog...I told my hubby about you guys...he just said wow...

brits on tour said...

Thanks Angie....and 'wow' indeed, I feel incredibly blessed that we're able to embark on this journey. It has been a lot of fun so far!