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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last w/e in November

The weather continued to stay beautiful, plenty of sunshine, relaxing beach time, some Wii playtime (especially for Jake!), lots of good socializing - nice to spend evenings in a different camper now and again!

On Saturday morning, we went to an amazing mini golf course, which kept on going up into Tiki huts, it was incredibly well thought out. Ellen achieved 5 holes in one of the 18! I think everyone had at least one 'in one' during our playing time. Unfortunately none of our group managed to get the 'hole in one' for lifetime free playing, the boys were deeply disappointed.

It was vitally important to Caitlin that we get back in time for her to enter the coloring competition. There were activities going on all weekend, all 4 had already painted a 'sand dollar' magnet (they turned out great and are now adorning the washer/dryer), only Becca and Caitlin went along to color though. Caitlin came 2nd, Becca came 3rd and they returned happy and smiling, showing off their prizes - yet another 'cuddly' in Becca's case - there's barely enough room for her in her bed!

Dave and I got up early on Sunday to sit on the beach together and watch the sunrise - a rare thing indeed. It was a little cloudy, which made it less spectacular, still pretty though. I should mention that sunrise was only just before 7am, so it wasn't horribly early by most people's standards, on this trip though, anything before 8 seems early!

Thanks to our early rising, we were pulling out of the campground and on the road by 8:30am and despite a bit of traffic, crossed the state-line into Georgia and made it onto Jekyll Island by mid-afternoon.

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