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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reddington Beach: Wed Dec 30th

Beth suggested we check out the seabird sanctuary, which was very close to where we were staying. They rescue injured seabirds and nurse them back to health. We saw a lot of pelicans and cormorants with injured beaks, some had an entire top or bottom part missing. We didn't linger too long though, it was a tad smelly - they're seabirds, they eat a lot of fish, there were lots of doggy bowls filled with dead fish for them, it made the air quite pungent (and therefore somewhat unappealing for the little ones)!

A couple of blocks south was the public access for Reddington Beach, complete with parking, toilets and showers - why can't NJ have these facilities every few blocks? The beach was almost deserted when we arrived but gradually got busier throughout the day as the sun really came out and it was lovely and warm.

The Gellers came to meet us for a couple of hours and the kids had fun playing in the waves, digging holes, building sandcastles and challenging the Dads to a game of soccer/football. It was such a relaxing day, we ended up extending our parking ticket, we just couldn't rush off. Knowing that Blue Bell was waiting for the snow to fall made us appreciate our day all the more!

The kids finally made it into the pool when we got back, which is kept at a balmy 85*! Left with a few minutes of peace and quiet, I was able to journal a bit. I am close to being caught up with the blog - still the pictures haunt me, why does it take so long to upload to blogger?!

Dave and I got on the wii in the evening and he thrashed me in a game of tennis - never been good at tennis! Caitlin then beat us both in bowling. Yesterday Becca raced ahead of me in Mario Kart, I feel that practice is in my future! I can't wait to set up the WiiFit, I think maybe skiing will be more my thing, maybe...


Donna Gunia said...

Happy New Year Ali & family!
Donna G.

brits on tour said...

Thanks Donna, same to you! Excited to hear your news....