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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Coral Reef State Park

It was hot at the beginning of the week but gradually cooled. Consequently heading out in the middle of the day to the playground on bikes wasn't the ideal choice! We had better luck in swimsuits, playing in the water and on the beach (stony by the water's edge so walking into the ocean was a tad painful). Playing tag with parents was also one of their favorite activities: at least it got us moving!

There were some good trails around the park as well, so plenty to do for outside fun.

At one of the beaches, there was a reconstruction of a a 1700's shipwreck, complete with 14 cannons and a huge anchor. It was reasonably well marked from the shore and not too far out, so Dave was able to go out with each child individually to take them to look at it. It was neat and helped them become a little more accustomed to swimming in the waves and looking under the water.

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