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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to school: November 30th

The morning went surprisingly well, I have to say, I was a tad worried that trying to get back into the swing of things might be more of a challenge but it was fine.

The campground is lovely, lots of trees, very friendly people and quiet. There is no playground on the campground but there is one on the island, so not too much to do around the camper, other than ride bikes.

The Driftwood Beach is within easy biking distance, so we cycled over there on our arrival day, just in time to see a spectacular sunset (not bad, seeing the sun rise and set on the same day from two different states....). The downside of the sun setting of course is the loss of light to cycle home with, we didn't really think that one through very well!

In the afternoon, we took a drive around the island, leaving Dave some peace and quiet for his meeting. We stopped at the main beach area and gazed upon a beautiful expanse of sand and water. We hadn't brought any buckets or spades with us but it was still great to walk along the sand, take pictures and enjoy having the beach all to ourselves.

We went into the Historic District and looked around the shops, chatting with a lady in the Christmas Shoppe about the island and the best things to see and do. Nathan was very entertained by the two dogs she had with her in the shop, the little one gave him lots of kisses.

We wandered around the museum and learnt that Jekyll Island used to be an exclusive millionaires club, frequented in the early 1900's by many a famous name. It was made into a state park 'for use by the plain people of Georgia' in the mid-1900's - I guess we are part of the plain people!

We stopped at the playground on the way home, it's an impressive one, plenty of things to climb on. We actually saw other children there! We have really hit the 'snowbird' area now (retirees who head down south for the winter, escaping the colder temperatures of the north of the country), so older faces are the norm.

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