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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fort Wilderness: Monday December 8th

After school (how awful: school while staying at Disney - unheard of!), we got on our bikes to go and check out the campground. We made it about as far as the pool before the kids realized how hot they were and how awesome the pool looked!

It is a great pool with a neat waterslide and a hot tub that allows children, they have always wanted to go in a hot tub so the swift ride home to change into swimwear was a no-brainer. We spent a good long time playing in and out of the pool and tub.

In the evening, we we went to the community firepit to roast marshmallows and join in with the sing-a-long before Chip and Dale came out for photo opportunities.

The kids were desperate to stay and watch the movie on the big screen, unfortunately knowing that we had another long day at Seaworld looming, we were the meanies who made them come home to bed.

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