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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seaworld (day 2): Tuesday December 9th

Our plan today was to watch the shows we'd missed, see Shamu again (such an awesome show!) and avoid any lines! We headed straight to Manta, which had a 0 minute line - this is exactly what I needed, no time to think. If we'd gone to this on Sunday, I would've declined to ride but felt somewhat braver and willing today. Despite persuasion, Caitlin refused to come on - of course, later in the day, she changed her mind but we ran out of time before the park closed so I guess we'll have to return someday - so the younger 3 stayed looking at the turtles while Dave, Jake and I went on the ride.

We were strapped in and then lifted into a position facing the floor, the idea being that we were riding on the back of a manatee, which was a rather scary beginning. The ride itself was wonderful, the rollercoaster was probably the smoothest we've ever ridden and took us through many loops and spraying water. Once was enough for me, as good as it was, due to no lines, Dave and Jake decided to ride again - good for them, I needed my stomach to settle!

Given the low number of people in the park, Dave made a beeline for Kraken. Jake and I went on, followed afterwards by Dave and Caitlin - and Jake again. Caitlin loved it, we knew she would, just takes a little persuading sometimes.

There's more coming, just need to check the pics to remind myself what we did......

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