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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Downtown Disney: Dec 10th

After school, the kids and I caught the inter-park bus to Downtown Disney. We hadn't made it anywhere beyond the parks when we visited in the spring, so the shopping area was a new one on us. The idea was for the kids to find some different things that they might want for Christmas from family, they did well on their hunt (not hard)!

There were some great photo ops and they had fun in most of the stores. As with everything, Disney knows how to keep everyone entertained. Their favorite store was Lego as they could build and race their own cars, just outside the entrance, to the point where entering the store wasn't high on their agenda. It was a surprisingly fun afternoon given that shopping was involved!

We caught the bus back but I managed to get off one stop too early on the campground bus, which resulted in a walk - of course, Nate fell over (SO tired!), so I had to carry him back. Dave couldn't come and get us because he was at the other end of the campground picking up (a very yummy) pizza, so a good day with not such a great ending.

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