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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swim meets

I love the summer swim team, it is a relaxed, fun and social time for everyone! Although we have to be at the club by 9am each day, everyone's usually up anyway so it's an easy way to start the day. The 3 older ones rarely complain, they're happy to see their friends every day, Nathan gets to run around and play with all of his friends (a surprisingly large group of 4 year old boy siblings - lots of 'minis' on the team in 2 years!) and I get to chat with adults while we watch: perfect for us all (oh yes, and Dave gets a peaceful house for an hour or two!).

After a month of practices, their first official meet was towards the end of June against Mermaid. All 3 swam in the medley and freestyle relays, Jake and Caitlin also swam 2 individuals, Becca swam one - at subsequent meets, Becca also swam in 4 races each time, the maximum allowed. They did so well, especially Becca for her first time. Mrs 'B' came to watch the whole meet as there are so many ex-St. John swimmers on our team!

At this time (July 12th), we have won 3, lost 1 and have 1 left to swim this Tuesday, then comes relay champs next Saturday and Juniors the following Monday, before culminating in the party at the end of the month. It truly is a GREAT way to spend the summer and the kids have really made a lot of new friends through their daily practices.

It is amazing to me that so many of the little swimmers can swim every stroke, here's Caitlin doing butterfly (her favorite is breaststroke):
Becca swims every stroke with a smile, especially freestyle and breaststroke, every time she pops her head up to breathe, she's beaming!
Jake's U10 boys group has a good relay team, they switch around who swims what but he has lead off with the backstroke quite a bit this season:
Becca and Maggie, good friends since 'Middies':
Coaches Lisa & Jamie checking with Jake after his 50 free - he didn't do his flip turn as his goggles flew off as he entered the pool, after diving. We tightened them up and since then, the flip turns have been good!
Both girls are on the U8 team this year, they swim different heats for individuals but we have to watch them both during relays as they're always in the same heat but different teams:

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