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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friends Dinner

For years, we've been getting together with a small group of friends for dinner at rotating houses. It used to be every month, unfortunately as time has gone along and more children have been born, the frequency of our get-togethers has dropped significantly! July 1st was the ONLY day in July which worked for the majority - we all lead such busy lives and we are in vacation season, so a Wednesday evening it was!

As always, it was wonderful to have everyone over, such a relaxing few hours, kids (and Colleen!) had a great time in the pool, Chelsea and Nathan are making good progress with their swimming - thankfully, given that Joey arrived and threw Nate in the pool after receiving a big, wet, hug!

Finally managed to get a rare shot of hugs for 2 of Nate's Godparents - he was wiped, it's been a tiring summer for him so far, LOTS of outside time, as it should be!

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