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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Argh, no time!

I really wanted to try and get caught up on here so that I'd be fully prepared to add to it daily, as my way of keeping a journal, once we get on the road - guess I have a lot of typing in the next couple of weeks!

We were at our swim club social on Friday and a friend said, "21 days to go!" What?! NO!! Not ready, not close to being ready, no time to finish getting ready, LOL!

Well, the time will come and we will go with what we do have ready I suppose. The kids have started their homeschool process with a little bit of work each day to acquaint them with the curriculum and what's expected. I need to get a bit more organized with that before we can really launch head-first into it but we'll get there.

I spent most of yesterday plotting a vague route backwards and forwards from Yellowstone, our plan is to be there mid-June, hoping most roads will be clear of snow by then. The downside of just getting to Wyoming mid-June is that there will be a lot of driving to get back to PA by beginning/mid-August. The route is plotted but timings aren't. I hate to give up any of the state stops as I am trying to zig-zag us through all 48 continuous states (that wasn't the original plan but when I realized we'd be hitting about 45, I had to figure out how to include the other 3!). I guess Dave will just be doing a lot of driving for 6 weeks and we'll have to move more than every w/e to fit it in, this isn't ideal but we do need to be back in time for pre-6th grade testing and K registration. The plan is one year of homeschooling unless someone asks for something different.

Right, on with the day, hopefully I'll add more posts later to get caught up. Jake and Caitlin had friends sleeping over last night, I informed them that they must stay in there rooms until at least 7am - the doors opened at, you guessed it, 7am! Dave told the boys, no Playstation until after breakfast, it's 7:20, I'm surprised they're not up here, demanding breakfast or making their own!

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