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Monday, June 21, 2010

Footie: Friday, June 18th

No school today!  Nathan was ready to play outside by 8am, not Jake, the football was starting: US vs Slovenia, it didn’t start well, US was down 2-0 at the half but really picked it up in the second half and scored two great goals and were unfortunately denied a third thanks to some dodgy refereeing, in what is being referred to as the ‘phantom foul’!

I took our four and Ciera to the library (so funny, first official day of school holidays and where do they want to go: the library, totally not my choice, all their own doing!) for a while before lunch but we were back in good time for the England match against Algeria.  It was sadly very unmotivated and after a seemingly rather lack-luster performance, the final score was 0-0 (a chance for us to reminisce about the time when my Dad, a staunch Burnley supporter, had recorded a match once and managed to avoid seeing the score.  As he was about to sit down and watch, my Mum, decidedly not a football supporter, commented that she didn’t know why he was bothering, because “there weren’t any goals!”  She’s still giving us a laugh today, love you Mum!).  Anyway, we won’t give up, there’s still hope and we’re a nation of optimists, so come on ENGLAND!

Spurred towards the joys of soccer, Jake and other assembled kids in the campground, spent the afternoon in the wonderful sunshine, playing soccer.  Caitlin was the referee and stood around with her clipboard, recording scores and supplying the players with drinks and snacks – a girl after my heart indeed!


Unknown said...

Too funny they wanted to go to the library on the first day of summer break!

Unknown said...

Haha. No, I'm not that creative. We have a great public library and this was part of their summertime reading program kick off. There were many other things the kids did like decorate flip flops, make those sand designs in a clear plastic jar. Also they decorated a sun visor by gluing on little random things to match their flip flops.