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Monday, June 14, 2010

Grand Sierra Resort: Friday, June 11th

The kids did a bit of school in the morning. They have been officially signed off by their portfolio evaluator (thank you Melissa!) and all paperwork has been submitted to the school district but I need them to finish their units, so we maybe have just one more week. I am feeling very ready to be done with the school year so I know that they are too.

They had a couple of requests of things they wanted to do before we left, so in the afternoon, we headed over to the pool/beach area to play volleyball. Clearly, I use the term ‘play volleyball’ quite loosely; the net is very high for a 5 year old! Later, we headed over to Tumble Town in the FunZone. As a total bonus, summer rates had kicked in for day use Mon-Fri, only $1 per hour and $1 lazer tag – a total bargain compared to the prices we had been paying, love it when something goes our way.

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