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Friday, June 26, 2009

2009 Pool Opening

Very exciting: 1st day in our pool this season WITH the brand new deck.

Dave opened the pool the first w/e in June but it needed shocking, so had to have a week to settle and regulate all the water levels. We checked everything on Saturday but it needed another day so by 9:15am on Sunday, Becca had her suit on and was ready to get in! Thankfully she begrudingly waited an hour before going in with Nathan. Caitlin was a little more reluctant but couldn't resist the lure of fun once she saw them in the pool.

Jake did go in later, once he returned from Hawk Mountain. The deck is making a huge difference this year, makes it much more usable and fun. Unfortunately the new furniture we've bought doesn't do well in the rain - by this, I mean the cushions don't tolerate water very well! In these photos, the seats are totally sodden and took another 3 days to dry in the garage, still need to figure something out.....

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