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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kinderfest: May 22nd

Each Kindergarten year presents a special show before Memorial w/e. It's amazing how much they've all grown this year. Becca's class recited their poem perfectly and sang wonderfully. Nate and I snagged a front row seat so she could see us easily.

Back in the classroom, we watched a presentation of their work via PIXIE - Becca said some lovely things about her sister, always so great to hear the sibling love!

I'd put together a book from the class for Mrs Cronin, each child wrote a sweet thank you note and drew a picture, they were so happy and had such a fabulous 1st year of school. I received a plant and many Thank You cards from the kids in KC for being their room parent and a kid-writing volunteer. It was really such a wonderful class.

So sad that another Kindergarten year is almost over, only one more to go....

Trying a new picture idea, hopefully this slide show will work. It's a quicker way to upload pics into the blog than inserting them individually.

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