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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twin Streams camping: Memorial w/e

We joined a group of friends for 3 nights at Twin Streams in North Pennsylvania. Jonny had left the US a couple of days previously, so thankfully we were able to pitch a tent at our site for Debbie and Jasmine, which worked out perfectly. We had a lot of space altogether for our group, it was a great campground: paved roads - absolutely perfect for riding bikes.

Jake had friends in the group to ride, play basketball and battle on the DS's with - we barely saw him all w/e!

We took a trip over to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, which is so beautiful. Rather than do the long hike down to the valley, which Dave and I had done 10 years ago, we took a shorter walk to the lookout. Time wasn't really on our side and our footwear was somewhat inappropriate: crocs are good for many things, hiking's not one of them!

The weather was great the whole w/e. On Sunday we rode our bikes on an 8 mile round trip along the bike path to the ice cream shop. There was great excitement at seeing a watersnake in the river. We were so impressed at Nate's ability to cycle that distance with his training wheels on. Dave hooked up a rope pull system to assist him for part of the way but he did really well regardless. They all did! Jake of course finished way faster than the rest of us and was resting with his buddy by the time we arrived back!

The girls and Nate had a great time in the cold stream at the campground - always fun to climb over rocks and accidentally slip into the water....! I'm no longer a kid so I can't explain why this is fun!

For lots more pics, follow this link to our page.

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