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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chincoteague: June 18-21

On Thursday afternoon, later then planned (big surprise!), we headed down to Chincoteague, close to Assateague island in Virginia/Maryland. We didn't arrive at the campground until late so Dave had the great challenge of putting up the big tent for Debbie in the dark - he managed fine, while we cowered in the camper, escaping the numerous mosquitoes! Our campsite location was beautiful, spacious and quiet, but buggy!

On Friday, we went onto Assateague island and the kids completed their Junior Range badge. This one had quite a number of things for them to fill in regarding different habitats, animals, ranger activities etc. The older ones were able to complete theirs without too much trouble, it was a little tougher for the younger ones but they managed. We attended a ranger program showcasing creatures from the aquarium. They were particularly fascinated by the crab, seahorse and sea star, touching and feeding them was the highlight. We popped over to the beach for lunch, it was very crowded and the seagulls were feeling greedy, Nate very nearly had his sandwich stolen, these birds certainly are NOT shy! Jasmine was none too keen initially to put her feet on the sand, quite amusing.

In the afternoon, we attended the ranger ceremony. It was so sweet, the kids were sworn in as official Junior Rangers, received a certificate and cloth badge for their blankets. We were very impressed. This was their first official homeschool JR program, we've begun, it counts!

On Saturday, the National Parks were having a free w/e so we were able to get onto the island without paying, there are other w/e's throughout the year when this is offered, you can check their site for parks and offers.

In total, we had 6 Stony Creek families camping this w/e, everyone else in tents. We all took the 1.5 mile hike on the woodland trail on Assateague, which took us out to the pony overlook - we saw the wild ponies but they were in the distance - and also the osprey nests. We had been warned that the trail is particularly buggy and mosquitoes were indeed out in abundance; we took, and used, plenty of OFF!

We headed to the beach for lunch and play (and rest in some cases, hello Jeff!). Apparently the water was great once you got in, the Dads were definitely having as much, if not more fun, than the kids: lots of body surfing in the waves. Unfortunately a storm rolled through mid-afternoon and emptied the beach at an alarming speed. Thankfully it cleared up pretty quickly and allowed us to have very yummy ice cream at The Island Creamery before heading back to the campground.

Hanging out with this crowd is so much fun, food is always good, kids all get along (they did watch a short movie in the camper...quite tired I think!), an easy way to spend a w/e outside.

We stayed on Sunday until early afternoon before heading back to reality.

We took over 100 pictures during this fun w/e (despite forgetting our camera - thank you Debbie!), you can see them HERE. The easiest way to see them all is to view as a slide show.

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