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Monday, September 14, 2009

Friday, August 28th

Over lunch, we went to the supermarket and came back with way more stuff than was on my list. It was kind of tempting to buy more because there were so many different things on the shelves, there were more ‘Englishy’ things too so Dave and I weren’t really helping matters either! Managing to fit everything we bought into the fridge and cupboards was a serious challenge when we got back to the camper. The area under the bench seats is really being filled to capacity!

It was certainly a chillier, duller day than we had been having. Despite these lower temperatures, the children were not deterred from donning their suits and jumping in the pool. The allure of the pool was a slide, perhaps if that hadn’t been there, their enthusiasm would’ve been a little dampened. The younger two got out pretty quickly, a testament to how cold the water was! However, the older two were really enjoying having the large pool to themselves. They were challenging themselves by swimming lengths and being timed. Jake was doing medley loops – apparently this is fun for him!

Craig (Dave’s Mum and Craig’s Mum, Anne, met in hospital when the two boys were born) and Erica were supposed to be coming over for dinner with the girls but with the dubious weather forecast, they suggested going over to their house instead. They emigrated to just outside of Toronto earlier this year and are enjoying their move. Our kids were thrilled to see other kids their own age, Rachel and Heather played so well with them. We barely saw any of children, they disappeared into the basement to play wii, paint and create, watch TV and chat – perfect for everyone!

We stayed way too late considering our plan for heading to Toronto the next day, too much fun to see friends!

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