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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday September 1st

Once again, Dave left us for the morning, returned for lunch and then we dropped him off on the way to the shipwreck program. The old coastguard station was north of the Lakeshore and, unbeknownst to us, also by a secluded beach. The shipwreck program was neat; we learnt how ships were rescued in the late 1800’s. The re-enactment required audience participation and all but Becca volunteered to help rescue Raggedy Anne and Andy from certain doom! It’s amazing what the coastguard went through and the risks that were taken to save drowning sailors, using a pulley system from the shore to the sinking ship.

We went to the beach and were in awe at the beauty of the Lake. The water was SO clean and clear (if cold in my opinion!). We relaxed on the sand and paddled at the water’s edge. Jake and Caitlin really wanted to go into the old coastguard home that had been converted into something of a museum. The younger two had no interest in being torn away from the water so the older two took the camera and shared their finds with us later. Keeping Becca and Nate out of the water, despite a lack of swimwear or towels, was impossible so I had two very wet children by the time we collected Dave for dinner.

Once again, we attended the campground Ranger Program, this time learning about the stars. The Ranger’s stories were entertaining and, as with most stories, held the children’s attention. We learnt some interesting information and the kids were absolutely desperate to stay up really late and gaze at the stars. The star gazing each evening was good but we were unwilling to deal with even tireder children the next day, so they had to be satisfied with what they’d learnt at the program and pictures I googled for them online a few days later!

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