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Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14th & 15th

These were shockingly great days on the school front. They all worked hard and mostly without complaint, even though Monday was a journal day. It made everyone so much more enjoyable and happy. There was time to build lego, play, bike ride, swim in the lake – Monday was a hot day – watch the US Open Men’s Final and catch up with a few things.

Nothing like sitting outside watching the sun go down......

Easy days, school work of course, fishing (only Jake managed to catch a fish – again!), basketball, playing, enjoying a bit of relaxation.

Off to fish, camper covered in laundry and sat dish in background, we certainly find a way to make our area 'home', even for just a few days!

After the geocache find in Illinois, we were hooked and determined to find another one. Dave figured out that there were two, not too far from each other, one promised to be easy, the other was a multi (follow a few clues to find the end treasure). The easy one wasn’t quite as simple as it should have been; we felt conspicuous in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood and thought someone might call the police due to our suspicious activity! When we did find the treasure box, it contained great bounty and there was excitement amongst the kids, again for our collect-a-maniac, Becca, these caches are just the best thing ever! We replaced it as we found it and went off in search of the next one, being careful to look around and retreat as if we were never there (picture spy spoof movie, it's pretty funny seeing everyone attempting to be inconspicuous!), can't let muggles (non-geocachers) get wind of what we're up to!

We were taken to an old one-room schoolhouse, long deserted, on an unused road (the cache was called: road to nowhere). We needed to find the year the schoolhouse was built: 1878, add the digits, walk that number of paces SW, turn 90 degrees, walk a certain number of paces and search for the next set of hidden coordinates – Nate found them, he was so happy, full of smiles, all the kids were ‘high-fiving’ him! Then, back in the truck to drive along the road to find the treasure. It was another box full of bounty. This time, the kids scoured the truck in search of their own little ‘treasures’, they just could not pass up ‘gem stones’ or a slinky (really?? A slinky, must we??), so exchanges were made and beaming faces abounded!

We had to get a photo of a corn field, the last week, we've passed field upon field of corn. Corn and cows, we're certainly in that ther' farming country!

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Pamela said...

Happy belated birthday, Ali! Thank you for posting the scones recipe!
What a wonderful adventure and learning experience the kids must be having -- the adults too!