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Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12th

This was to be another day with many hours in the car, google had us leaving Illinois and heading to Ohio, traveling via Indianapolis and Cincinnati, taking over 7 hours.

Before we left the campground, I had to take a photo of the rig next to us: a huge class A, towing a hummer! This campground was obviously a good stopping point for many people. We stayed for 3 nights and had a different camper next to us for every one of those nights, they were usually gone by the time we were starting school. One was from Texas, another from Oregon and another New Mexico, you can’t say that we’re not meeting a diverse range of people on this trip! This was the first week when we really didn’t see any kids camping the same age as ours, school has started!

It was SO foggy when we left the campground at 8:45 on ‘our’ time, remembering we did not bother converting to central time for just a few days. The roads were surprisingly still pretty busy that early. It’s such a different landscape in this region, fields upon fields of crops and farmland, mainly corn it seems, punctuated with farms and homesteads and little groups of trees. For Dave, this makes the driving a tad uninteresting, miles of flat, fairly unchanging landscape, I enjoyed it though, passing fields of cows, calves, horses and pigs!

We finally arrived at Sun Valley campground in Chillicothe, Ohio around 6:30, it was a long day. Stopping to pick up groceries, eat lunch and buy all those little ‘extras’ that have been added to the ever-growing list, didn’t help timewise but were a necessity.

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