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Monday, September 14, 2009

Thursday August 27th

We ‘enjoyed’ (clearly I use this word loosely!) a brief morning of school before finishing the packing up process. While Dave finished working, I took the kids to the pool for one last swim; once again, they claimed warmth until they got out!

I have to admit, I did not like leaving mid-week, it’s far easier to pack everything the night before and leave pre-breakfast. Unfortunately we have no more week-long stays ahead of us, something I plan to change for the longer leg of our trip.

There was a bit of a wait at the border crossing into Canada, which added some time to the journey, meaning we did not arrive at Milton Heights Campground near Toronto until almost 8:30pm. We did end up stopping for dinner, after passing the rows of grapes in the vineyards near Niagara, in St Catherine’s. By some fluke, we were given a table at an enormous window, overlooking the harbor, with an amazing view of Toronto in the far distance, across the lake: how perfect. Dave wasn’t impressed at the amount of time it took to eat dinner (there was a buffet, complete with chocolate fountain, need I say more?!) but he grudgingly admitted that was one of the reasons for doing this trip: unscheduled stops at non-touristy locations.

The campsite we were allocated was close to the entrance, small and had an enormous concrete slab directly in front of where the door would be. I’m one of those “Oh, it’ll be OK” types of people, however Dave decided to go ‘his way’ and managed to get us another, without question, far nicer, site.

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