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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday April 8th: Magic Kingdom

Back to Magic Kingdom again today; our earliest time yet - we were actually walking through the gates at 8am! Our early start to the day certainly paid off, we were able to do a number of rides and attractions prior to the crowds getting too big.

Dave went off to FastPass Buzz Lightyear, while we headed towards Fantasyland. Ariel's Grotto was showing a 10 minute wait time, given that it was up to 90 minutes the previous day, we thought it was worth meeting the Little Mermaid while we had the chance! Of course, the girls were thrilled and had individual photos with her, she was quite chatty and probably freezing, mermaids don't wear much and it was cold first thing in the morning!

Our next stop was Peter Pan's Flight, followed by Snow White's Scary Adventures and then onto The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (this was my favorite of the three). Unbelievably, by this time, the Dumbo and Tea party rides had 50 minutes waits already, it was still only 9 o'clock!

After a brief photo stop in Pooh's Playful Spot, we headed over to Tomorrowland. Dave tried to FastPass Space Mountain but the time he could get wasn't until 6pm - a popular ride obviously. We promised Jake we'd come back on Friday and start out with that roller coaster, we are not having a whole lot of luck getting on roller coasters. The line wait for the ride was already at 70 minutes, so not worth waiting for either. Rather than go on the Buzz ride straightaway, we went into Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor as the show was about to start. It really was good and funny, definitely gets a thumbs up from up us!

We eventually made it over to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, an intergalactic interactive adventure. Somehow Becca, my partner against crime, managed to score 12,000 points to my 4,000 (Dave scored over 96,000!). This was a fun ride, however, we all still preferred the Toy Story Mania ride over this one as you can see more clearly where your lasers are going.

After Buzz, we went into Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress, for whatever reason, we ended up having to sit through the final 'chapter' twice, by which point Becca was wriggling - it doesn't take much to get her in a wiggly mood! Dave and I thought the kids would have found it a bit boring but Jake especially was talking about it for a while afterwards, asking questions about phones, so funny, we can't assume what we find interesting or boring to be the same as that of the children.

We spotted Stitch - this was one character that Jake was happy to have an individual photo with. Even Dave and I had a picture with this one, we are loving the PhotoPass - any time we have a picture taken by one of the Disney photograpers, they scan our card and we can then view our photos online with the option to buy the entire CD of pics or purchase individual shots. I'm thinking that we'll end up with the CD!

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority line was very fast moving so we were able to hop on pretty quickly and enjoyed different views of Tomorrowland, including Space Mountain. It was lunchtime and the kids were letting us know - well, Becca was letting us know, 'nuff said! The Tomorrowland Speedway had a 40 minute wait so we got in line and ate the lunch we'd packed as we moved along, worked out perfectly, kept us occupied and fed!

The Speedway was great. Nate went with Dave and was giddy with laughter every time they bounced on the guideline underneath the car. Jake and Caitlin went in individual cars. Miss C was super cautious, drives with the same personality she has through life, it said to leave a car length between you and the car in front, I think she left about 5 car lengths! Becca on the other hand, who I had the pleasure of riding with, drove as if we were on the bumper cars, she is NEVER taking our car out, LOL! They thought the ride was awesome and wanted to go back on immediately, shame this one doesn't have a FastPass option.

We had done as much as we could, so went to play in Donald's Boat area in Toontown Fair before boarding the WDW Railroad, which took us back to Main Street, U.S.A.

We really did a lot today and were still out of the park by 1:30, by which time the crowds had really taken hold and we were happy to leave them to it!

We stopped on the way back to our resort for groceries and drive-thru ice cream. Thank goodness we don't have this option close to our house, would not be good for the hips!

The kids were excited to go to the pool in the afternoon and had fun on the slides, right up until the point when Jake stubbed his foot. I checked his foot and sat him in a chair, as I turned back to check he was OK, I noticed blood gushing down his face from his head - there was a lot, it was quite a shock, he'd made no mention of his head hurting! After cleaning his hair and face to find the point of origin and icing the bumps, he was still in shock, legs were hurting etc. The resort staff came over to help, take photos, had us fill out forms and were keen for us to take him to the hospital. Given Jake's anxiety, we decided that would be a good idea. The last time we were in Florida, about 7 years ago, Jake ended up in the ER twice and now here he is again! Thankfully the doctors were happy that he wasn't in danger and released him after checking the 4 deep cuts he had - quite an eventful end to the day.


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