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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Caitlin’s birthday: she’s NINE!

Poor Caitlin, it just isn’t fair to be sick on your birthday. Her temperature the previous day was 102, it had dropped to around 100 but she was still suffering. She managed to open her presents with a big smile but ate very little all day. It seemed quite cruel to offer her a lunch of toast and water, but it was for the best, better to get better!

On the plus side, she got to stay at home all day in a house of peace and quiet with me. Her favorite gifts: books, American Girl doll clothes, an etcha-sketch, markers, more Littlest Pet Shop, Crayola wii game. I think she actually enjoyed her day of not having to do anything at all, she spent a lot of time relaxing and reading.

Surprisingly the census workers also came to the campground. We had assumed that this year we would not be counted as part of the US census but apparently we were wrong. Our living accommodation will be noted as the camper and I guess our state of residence will be California, even though, by April 1st, we’ll be back in Arizona!

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