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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yucca Valley: Friday, March 26th

We managed 5 days of school this week, I was actually surprised, I had thought we were down to 4 days a week or less, there being so much to see and do, but we managed. As soon as the little ones were finished, they rushed outside to play with their friends. A family had been staying at the campground for the last few days with a daughter the same age as Becca but they were generally gone all day and the kids could only play at night. They were preparing to leave today so were spending the time hanging out and packing up, much to Becca and Nate’s joy.

I took the older two to the library and left them for an hour to do the week’s grocery run (gosh, I miss!), never my favorite time of the week but a necessary evil! When I returned to the library, even though it was 1:15pm, they ‘just needed to finish their chapter’, so I had to sit quietly and wait. On the way home, Jake said, “Oh, actually, I am pretty hungry!” No kidding!

We arranged to meet the Godwin's at Desert Christ Park, which features more than 40 statues and images portraying scenes of Christ’s life and teachings. These remarkable works of steel-reinforced concrete were created by artist sculptor Antone Martin a half-century ago as a world peace shrine. Some of the statues are a little worse for wear but are quite striking, especially the ones on the hillside. The Last Supper bas-relief was wonderful. In half an hour, we managed to instill a smattering of art appreciation and religion into our school day!

From there, we went to the playground where the 4 younger kids happily played while the older two went in the library and the adults chatted about schedules and routes for the coming weeks.

We hadn’t done any geocaches for ages so we checked online and found that there was one in the California Visitor Bureau on the way back to our campground. It was an easy find, so Nate was in control of the GPS. We picked up a travel bug from the cache this time, which is pretty exciting for us, we haven’t seen one before. We have Pack E. Derm (an elephant!), who has been traveling from cache to cache. We needed to register him and then place him in a new location as soon as possible. We’ll be looking for a cache near the Grand Canyon - pretty cool!

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