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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Desert Hot Springs: Wednesday, March 24th

We’d arranged to visit Polly and Brian at their campground to celebrate all the birthdays, the plan was to do it yesterday but the pool was in use due to an adult volleyball game – something we’d have been unwise trying to get in the middle of! A lot of these resort-type campgrounds are filled with elderly people who do not appreciate their peace and quiet being disturbed by boisterous children! It’s quite funny and we’ve met a few ‘snowbirds’ who don’t really like the bizarre environment of exclusively 55+ groups. It’s better and more realistic to have a cross-section of ages – doesn’t seem to be a feeling that's shared, RV park-wide, though!

Regardless, we headed to Desert Hot Springs and their campground today instead. The pools were well worth a visit. They are all fed by the hot springs and in fact, have to be cooled to a temperature more acceptable to human skin! The water comes in at a scorching 140 degrees and is cooled for the main pool to 88 degrees – like jumping into a bath. The hot tub was huge and was of course too hot for even my toes!

We stayed for a yummy dinner of pizza and mini birthday cakes for the 4 birthday celebrations this week – Zachary turned 11 on Thursday (and apparently woke up at 3:30am to read his new book – wow, even our bookworm, Jake, wouldn’t get up that early - I don’t think!).

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