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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From San Diego to Yucca Valley: Saturday, March 20th

Knowing that our journey today was only 3 hours, we stayed for breakfast at the campground, which the Lion’s Club provides once a month for a small cost. As Dad has been a loyal member of his Letchworth Lions Club for many, many years, it only seemed right that we should give our support to this one. They were all lovely and gave us a good breakfast that sustained us (with a few midday snacks) until dinnertime – perfect!

…and we’re entering the land of windmills! If this brings to mind pretty little windmills in Holland, nix that thought, I am talking about the tall windmills with 3 long ‘sails’ that, powered by the wind, provide electricity, harnessing the naturally occurring forces of nature; quite a spectacular sight. (On edit: thanks Marlene - they're wind turbine 'farms'!) As we passed them, they were going around but not nearly as much as we’d see them flying later in the week when we passed them again, thankfully without the camper in tow!

We arrived at Yucca Valley RV Park in plenty of time to set up, which is always nice but usually means a good hour of cleaning. I have to say though that I’m much happier cleaning the camper than I am my house! The camper gives a much faster sense of achievement and doesn’t take very long to vacuum or wash floors, especially as we recently picked up a vacuum cleaner on sale which does a much better job of actually picking up the dust than the the dustbuster type thing we were using – just another thing to find space for though!

Jackie and Paul are new managers at this park and were so wonderful to us throughout the week. The campground is pretty small, only around 20 sites, but is very well-maintained and clean. They gave us great information on everything in the area, made good suggestions of things we might want to do and places we should go while we were staying here. Despite the fact that the campground is right off a busy road, the traffic noise wasn’t horrible at night and its proximity to the National Park more than made up for that.


Marlene said...

My hubby worked at one of those wind turbine "farms" out in Palm Springs, CA about 8 years ago or so.

Love the photos of the mountains!

The Valentine's said...

Marlene, you are the fount of all knowledge, LOL! Wind turbine farms sounds a lot better than my layman description!