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Thursday, July 1, 2010

From Arco, ID to Flagg Ranch, WY: Saturday, June 19th

Rather than start out early today, we had a slow pack-up to enable us to stay for the pancake breakfast. The kids enjoyed their last couple of hours playing with Ciera, checking on the chickens, petting the rabbit and dog and running around. They were all really sad to leave; it’s been a great week for them.

Our route took us to Idaho Falls to pick up Becca’s prescription; unfortunately this was the third place that did not have it in stock, despite continued phone calls in an effort to ensure it would be there, so once again, it goes on hold until we can find somewhere that does have it.

From there, we made our way towards Flagg Ranch, via Jackson (quaint little touristy town) and Jackson Hole – would love to come back here one day to go skiing – then all the way from south entrance to north in Grand Teton National Park. We stopped at Colter Bay Visitor Center to look around and pick up Junior Ranger books; it was early evening but there were still plenty of people around.

This week we are staying at Flagg Ranch which is on the John D. Rockefeeler, Jr Memorial Parkway, between Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP. The Parkway is considered another NPS site, so the campground is operated under the guise of the National Park Service. It’s a pretty big campground, very wooded and fairly full. We lucked out and were assigned an end of row campsite, with a space next door which could easily accommodate a camper but is not considered a space, so we have somewhere extra to park our truck and put up the satellite dish (this created a lot of interest when Dave started assembling it!). Despite the fact that he has the week off work, it benefits him to check in periodically and monitor the ever-growing email inbox so it doesn’t get out of control. There is also a chance that he might be called in as a client is ‘going live’ this week; so glad not to be involved in any of that!


Ali said...

Hi Ali & Dave

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Just curious what Dave does? I am assuming it has something to do with computers.

May you continue to have a good trip.

The Valentine's said...

Yep, Dave's in computers: programming and support. He worked from home anyway so now he works from 'home on wheels'! He's always had a great ability to work with background noise so this year has been absolutely fine for him. He usually gets up early and starts work before the kids are up, that way, he can finish a little earlier in the afternoon, then usually does a bit more after they're in bed - it's worked extremely well for us this year (we do bring an enormous satellite dish with us though for internet wherever we are!).

Hope you're still enjoying your journey and not feeling too exhausted!