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Friday, July 9, 2010

From Little Bighorn to Medora: Sunday, June 27th

An English family from Cornwall was camping next door to us; they were travelling in a rented Class C for a month, from west to east. Dave invited them, Paul and Mags, over to come and watch the England vs Germany World Cup match. They had a son, Robert, who was Jake’s age and a daughter Lisa, aged 8. Jake and Robert chatted about the players, Lisa went out to play with our girls in the play area, while we chatted and watched in growing disappointment until the end, with a result of 4-1 in Germany’s favor (there was a disallowed English goal which was much disputed later!).  The Valentine 'England shirts' didn't do much to help, but the ice creams afterwards consoled them for sure!

We eventually rolled out of the campground a little before lunch and made it to Medora before 5pm, passing the beautiful mountains with their varying colored layers of rock, as well as a hay baling wagon (swiftly taken picture!).  Nate was being a total 'dude' in the car, he is loving his mohawk and rocking 'the cool look'!  The Opela’s had just arrived about 15 minutes before us. They were in the midst of moving from Virginia to Montana and their drive across country coincided with our location for a couple of days – well, they fanangled it to coincide, thank you Phil and Ellen!

Carson quickly fit in with our kids and the five of them were off and running: Nerf gun wars, games and fun. We sat outside and proceeded to get bitten by the horrible mossies.

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