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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

From North Dakota to South Dakota: Saturday, July 3rd

Well, the main purpose of heading to Mount Rushmore on this specific weekend was to watch the fireworks over the famous carving; however, due to all the dead trees thanks to the horrible beetle attacks, and the subsequent fear of fire, the fireworks were cancelled this year. Regardless, that was the plan and helped us figure out our travel times, so South Dakota for the 4th it was!

We drove almost directly south, along single-lane roads, through yet more fields upon fields of crops, cows, some bison and sheep. It really is so pretty, I hope that it remains emblazoned in our memories.

We had a quick stop for lunch and stopped again for groceries once we reached Rapid City. We drove through the downtown area and were intrigued by the number of statues of people on almost every street corner – at all the major cross-intersections; there were three on the corners. Guess we need to do a bit of research as to why and who they all are.

This week finds us at Rafter J Bar Ranch just outside Hill City in South Dakota. This campground is huge but not overcrowded at all. Unlike many campgrounds who pack you in, this one has 5 sections of sites with large fields and rows of conifers in between. The campsites are extremely large and spacious, some of the biggest we’ve seen and driving around the area during the week, certainly one of the best. The pool and hot tub are set out of the way of campsites, with a large playground next to them.

As soon as we arrived, the kids whizzed off to the playground, I could see them in the distance but we were back to the radios for communication. Of course, too much fun was being had with new friends and great games of tag, capture the flag and nerf tag, to answer my call of ‘is everyone OK?’!

When I updated the blog map this evening, Karen’s comment of ‘the red’s really closing in’ definitely hit home – this is our 42nd state of the trip; hard to believe that we only have six left ….. and only six weeks remaining of our time on the road, well, for this part anyway!


Ali said...

So glad to get caught up with you again and to see all the red in your map.

Just curious where home is? and what your plans are for when you get back there?

Wishing you a great day!

melissa said...

my husband is so jealous - south dakota is one of the 2 states he hasn't been to!!