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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Medora Campground: Friday, July 2nd

A quiet day today, watched some soccer and some tennis; much disappointment from these Brits that Nadal knocked Murray out of the Wimbledon semi’s.  The kids were happy to be allowed to rent ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ from the campground store.  Usually they’re thrilled just to be outside and playing but this week has been unbelievably warm, even by 10am, it was too much, two minutes of running and they came back in, red and panting!

Dave finished early and took them to the pool to cool off.  It’s amazing how much I can get done without any distractions – achieved a lot, even managed to get some photos loaded onto the blog from last week, hard to believe, actual pictures!  This is truly a challenge for me, there are so many fantastic ones, choosing just a few from each day is really tough.

The campground started filling up yesterday evening and by the end of the day, most sites had a trailer, tent or pop-up in it.  It’s the big 4th of July weekend, so we weren’t surprised.  The new neighbors had two boys, aged 12 and 7 so ours disappeared off around the campground in the evening, with them, playing nerf tag – the increase in children everywhere has improved the general mood of the kids, a lot less mooching about!

Dave popped into town to get photos of the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame (perhaps would have visited here had the tennis not ruled our lives this week, sounded like it had some interesting exhibits), as well as some other interesting sights and the Chateau de Mores, that once belonged to the Marquis and his wife, Medora.  There really was plenty to keep us occupied in this little town, we’d come back, an enjoyable week.

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