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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Carlsbad RV Park

It was a fairly relaxing week (other than school and work of course – according to the kids, that is far from relaxing!), the children spent a lot of time on the tire swings and went in the pool – unsurprisingly, they were the only ones in there!

This campground is another fairly transient park, our neighbors typically stayed a couple of nights at most. I guess people really come here for a quick stop at the Caverns and move on to their next location; we met people going both east and west. Towards the end of the week, a motorhome arrived, 3 metal runs were put outside and the driver started bringing out westie terriers…..and they kept on coming. The kids ran inside to inform me, “The lady next door has FIVE dogs!” By the time I looked out the window, there were six, then another came out. I went out with my camera to chat with her, by that point, all NINE were outside! I just could not ever imagine traveling with nine dogs! They all travel in their own crate while on the road apparently. They were on their way to a dog show in Arizona and evidently compete in at least one show per month.

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