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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photography program: Thursday, February 18th

After work, Dave joined a Park Ranger for a photography ranger program overlooking the Sierra Del Carmen range. The downside of doing a photography program meant that he had every excuse to take another 200 pictures of mountain ranges and sunsets! Of course, there were some good ones and he enjoyed learning some new tricks.

Before he left, he gave us the old, small camera, with the comment that no doubt we’d see some wildlife while he was gone, we always do! Sure enough, as I was outside gathering up toys, a coyote appeared at the end of the field and wandered around for a while. I was able to run in, tell the kids and grab the camera. They couldn’t wait to tell Dave what he’d missed when he got back!

He had actually seen a coyote one evening earlier in the week but at close to midnight and it was pitch black outside so he’d heard it and shined the flashlight, which encouraged it to run away! The next day, one actually ran through the campground late afternoon, so he got his good look then. Despite keeping our eyes peeled all week, we did not see any javalinas (little black pig look-alikes that are not pigs). The kids thought they saw one on the drive out of the park but the camera wasn’t handy unfortunately.

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