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Monday, February 15, 2010

South Llano River State Park: February 12th

Dave found a dealership in town and discovered the library had wi-fi, so he headed out early for them to check out the truck and spend the day in the library. Thankfully, they discovered the problem and were able to fix everything, meaning Dave was back around 4pm and we could stay on track with our planned schedule.

The kids and I took a walk after lunch to the edge of the turkey roosting area, which is closed to the public between October and April to allow them to roam freely. We were lucky enough to see some, so the kids were happy. We also stopped in at a ‘bird blind’, kind of like a bird observation area. Although it was quite the challenge trying to persuade quietness, we were rewarded and saw quite a few finches and tits – the older ones enjoyed figuring out what we were seeing, using the given chart.

It was a beautiful day, blue skies and amazing scenery. I’m sure we would never have discovered this campground had it not been recommended. Although research takes such a long time, I do feel as though we are benefitting from the time I spend on the camping forums, asking questions!

After watching some of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, Dave and I went outside to admire the stars: WOW! This is, without doubt, the darkest campground we’ve stayed at, consequently, the view of the sky was incredible, perhaps I would have lingered longer had it not been so cold!

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