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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oklahoma: Sunday, January 31st

Texarkana added states number 27 and 28 of our trip so far, however this location was chosen too because of its proximity to Oklahoma.

We found a couple of geocaches that took us into OK, one was on the border, under the bridge between TX and OK. Unfortunately due to the large amounts of rain we’d had in the last few weeks, the river was really wide and flowing extremely fast. While we watched, we saw a couple of trees float past! Despite looking all around and up on the bridge, we came to the conclusion that it was beyond our reach, thanks to the high water level.

So, onwards into Oklahoma to the next location. Thankfully this one was an easier find, we love deciphering the clues and taking it in turns to be the ‘finder’, holding the unit. Caitlin was excited as today was her turn. This one was another box filled with ‘goodies’. The kids chose a light-up yo-yo, we left a Georgia Junior Ranger badge – these things make their way across the country, it’s so neat.

This location was right next to the Museum of the Red River (the river flowing so quickly was indeed red), which we had planned to visit. It was a great little local museum detailing the history of the area, back to the various Indian tribes who would’ve lived here hundreds of years ago, we loved their artwork, clothes and colors – I see an art project based on these ideas in the future!

The most exciting thing there is a life-size replica of a dinosaur skeleton: Acrocanthosaurus atokensis. This complete fossil skeleton was found a few miles away in 1983 by local paleontologists – what an amazing find. We got a few good pics, unfortunately we were unable to use the flash. It was a good way to spend a couple of hours and now we have something specific to remind us of our visit to Oklahoma – state #29!

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