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Monday, February 15, 2010

Von Ormy – Junction: February 11th

It had rained pretty much all afternoon on the Wednesday, Polly and I went to the H-E-B grocery store and were incredibly overwhelmed, it was huge! We woke up, on Thursday, to absolutely pouring rain. By the time we were ready to leave, mid-afternoon, the ground was sodden, muddy puddles everywhere, certainly not the most pleasant of ‘leaves’ that we’ve had! Thankfully, we had a reasonably short drive to the State Park, by our standards anyway: 3 hours. We arrived in time to check in with the office, which maybe took 5 minutes, when we came out and tried to start the truck, it wouldn’t! Dave tried jumping it to no avail, it barely fired up and would only stay on if my foot was pressed to the floor.

After turning it off and deciding that we’d have to spend the night in the parking lot, he tried it again and it fired right up (but still with the ‘check engine’ light on)! Whew! We were grateful to be able to quickly park in our space but knew that our plans may have to change for the weekend.

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