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Sunday, February 7, 2010

library: Friday, February 5th

One of the great things about living in a camper is limiting what we have in here. Paige, the lovely friend we met in Destin, FL, shared some wise words: whatever comes into your home, ensure an equal amount goes out – words to live by indeed! Since Christmas and the increase in toys, we haven’t really sorted though what we have. There is a small shelf between the two sets of bunks that was looking dangerously overloaded, so we spent some time after school sorting through it. I’m pleased to say that things did leave, some met with demise, others transferred to under-storage boxes for use at a later date (much to Dave’s chagrin)!

We then headed off to the library. Jake and Caitlin ended up staying while I took the other two with me to buy groceries. In total, the older two spent 3 hours there and still didn’t want to leave, they do like to bury themselves in books – not a bad thing of course, I wish we get to libraries more often. There was an awesome playground next to the library, which we apparently did not spend enough time playing on – it was an enormous castle-type of fort: fun, fun!

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