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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cactus Country RV: Wednesday, March 10th

The campground had a heated pool and ever since our arrival, Becca had been bugging to go in it. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoons were pretty windy and rainy so were highly unappealing to any of us (except Becca, did I mention, she was eager!), consequently as soon as school finished on Wednesday, the younger 3 quickly changed into their bathing suits and were foot-tapping impatiently for me to finish my tea! There was no getting out of it!

The pool was really small but a very pleasant temperature – they were much warmer IN the water obviously than I was sitting on the side. A couple of people popped in while we were there and were laughing with me at the fact that we were all wearing sweats and hoodies while the kids were in the pool! It had to be said, once they were out, they were freezing!

I took them straight to the showers to warm them up and met Mona, another FOTR from Virginia. They’d arrived late, the night before and were camping directly behind us. She had 2 sons, similar age to Jake and a daughter who was Nate’s age. Jake desperately wanted to meet the boys but was initially too nervous to go over and say HI. By the time he went, they’d gone shopping, then he was really disappointed of course.

At 3:30pm we all attended Cactus Country Kids’ Club, run by one of the Mum’s who has been living full-time at the campground waiting for her new house to be built, for the past year. She had a huge group of kids, most homeschooled, who arrived on bikes for an hour’s fun, riding around the campground. She had little quizzes for them along the way, things for them to look out for, license plates to find etc, it was neat.

Jake got to meet Mona’s boys: Josh and Jonathan, they all immediately hit it off and also, after an hour or so, figured out that they’d met each other at Fort Wilderness in Florida when they’d all played flag football one afternoon! It’s a small world indeed. We enjoyed chatting with the whole family and hope to meet up with them again along the road. They had to leave early Thursday morning, heading towards San Diego to meet up the their Dad.

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