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Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Slab City to San Diego: Saturday, March 13th

In the morning, we had our last look around Slab City and admired some more of the creative ways people live here!

We then went to check out the hot spring – this would not have been my first choice in bathing location – we did not partake! Other people had warned us that clothing was optional, sure enough, they were right. Although the hot spring is constantly bubbling and flowing out, the pool is extremely muddy-looking, it’s hard to imagine people having success bathing and getting clean here, apparently many people also do their laundry as well. I guess people make sacrifices for free accommodation!

There used to be a wonderful shower further along the road. The sign warned that if a vehicle was present, you should approach with care (the sign is full of bullet holes!). The shower is, in fact, a cement bunker/hole in the ground with fast-flowing water rushing into it through an opening at the top, which then flows out through another opening at the base. Until last year, this wonderful natural shower was fed by the hot spring, combined with a cooler stream, creating a perfect temperature. Unfortunately in the last few months, the farmer has diverted the hot spring so that it no longer flows into the ‘shower’; it is currently fed by extremely cold water, so, while it looks appealing, the reality is the opposite!

Thankfully, we had a relatively short drive to our next destination: San Diego, just a couple of hours.

We camped at Santee Lakes, a beautiful area with 7 lakes, a little way outside of the city. It proved to be a great location for the week and although it was consistently busy throughout the week we were there, it was so quiet and peaceful. Again, the star gazing was surprisingly good, this, despite our proximity to the city. There was a great little playground, with a rock climbing wall, close to our site, which the younger ones utilized a lot during our stay.

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