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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Legoland: Monday, March 15th

Our original intention had been to go to Legoland on Jake’s birthday but that plan quickly changed when Polly let us know that Monday was a homeschool day, which allowed everyone in the family to enter the park for only $21 each.

We arrived as soon as it opened and stayed until all the rides were closed – we do like to get our money’s worth!

Our first stop was the Lego Technic Coaster, where we spotted the Boger's once more. Dave and Nate went to the Aquazone Wave Racers as the coaster was somewhat unappealing for our little man.

After playing in Pharaoh’s Revenge and sliding down the Dune Raiders slide, we lazer shot the targets in Lost Kingdom Adventure. The younger kids rode horses around The Royal Joust and we all zoomed around in The Dragon coaster.

We met up with the Boger's and Godwin's for lunch at the Garden Restaurant: delicious food but quite pricey for a kiddie grilled cheese! It was so great to catch up with everyone again and hear their plans for the coming weeks; we’re always wondering how we can meet up with friends on this journey and share advice.

We headed towards Fun Town where the kids raced each other at the Fire Academy; the boys were convinced they’d win easily but somehow messed up on their strategy and were overtaken by the girls (picture Becca jumping up and down, screaming, “Go, go!” to a hard-working Kimmie and Becka), it was pretty funny to watch. We found all the keys in the Adventurers’ Club and then made our way towards Driving School. The older three got their driving licenses again (this was a similar ‘ride’ to the one in Windsor), while Nate received his for Junior Driving School.

The park was probably at its busiest by this point so lines were getting longer. We pulled ourselves up on the Kid Power Towers – more arm strength needed than I thought I possessed! We waited for almost an hour to peddle our way around the Sky Cruiser track, definitely not worth the wait in Jake’s (humble!!) opinion – yes, we heard about it!

We found a couple of other play areas on our way to Pirate Shores to meet up with the other families. Although the day was hot, the water was still freezing so no-one hung out for very long. Of course, our four little water-lovers can handle those temps way longer than anyone else, so we stayed for quite some time! I was much relieved that we’d had the foresight to bring bathing suits, there were some very wet-clothed kids around! Unfortunately the line for the Treasure Falls and Soak-N-Sail was too long for the kids to be bothered enough to wait, although the younger three braved Captain Cranky’s Challenge and survived without throwing up! Jake found a friend his age and they spent a lot of time blasting everyone else with water.

We finished the day back at the Aquazone Wave Racers where they managed 4 turns before closing, as the lines were none-existent. On the sidelines watching, I was able to blast water bombs as they passed: fun! Before meeting up with them there, I bought a couple of containers of Legoland's famous hot cinnamon apple fries with vanilla dipping sauce – they lived up to their yummy recommendation!

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Ms. Rogers said...

So jealous that you got to go! We had to choose between Legoland and the Zoo. The zoo won out! Did you guys make it there?