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Monday, March 8, 2010


After we’d enjoyed our hours of sledding on Tuesday, I went to Cilo’s Tattoo and got the foot tattoo I’d been debating over for the last 2 years. I’d found so many different designs, knew I wanted a flower but never settled on anything specific. I’d visited a couple of other places in the last year but never really timed it right: summer was no good because I couldn’t stay out of the pool for two weeks, winter was no good because I needed to be able to put my ski boots on, autumn was busy and too cold to be wandering around without socks….you get the idea! Also, I’d heard that foot tattoos are quite painful so I’d been a little put-off!

However, this week, the timing was good so I took a deep breath and did it! I have a beautiful little purple flower on my foot, it only took about 20 minutes and yes, the black outline part did hurt but I just kept reminding myself that having 4 babies without pain relief was a whole lot worse!

This photo was taken a couple of hours after I’d had it done so it was still looking a bit red, also, ignore the chipped nail polish!


Marlene said...

Oh brave soul. My little toe is twitching in pain at the thought.

Helen said...

Very cute! I'm still in shock you got a tattoo! Thought you didn't like them at all! Great photo's, the sand dunes looked so much fun x