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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Giant Pistachio

There were a few pistachio farms in the area…we all love pistachios! Opposite the campground was one such farm: McGinn’s, and highlighting its existence was a giant pistachio – this was a great marker for finding our way back to the campground.

Dave took the kids across the road to the shop and farm on Thursday afternoon, while I stayed back to continue making the privacy curtains for the bunk-beds that the kids had been begging for – not an exciting job, in fact a tedious one! They returned with yummy pistachio ice cream and of course, some nuts! They learned that pistachios grow in bunches on trees, much like grapes. There were fields upon fields of trees, nothing budding yet though.


Marlene said...

I thought it was a, a clam! heehee....funny thing!

Ms. Rogers said...

Where was this??? We missed it for sure. SO JEALOUS!

Mel said...

Hey..I didn't know that pistachio's grew on trees!

The Valentine's said...

Heather, this was on the other side of Alamogordo to White Sands.

Marlene, crazy looking thing isn't it?!

Mel, who knew?? LOL!

Thanks for reading girls, Ali