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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Becca’s SEVEN: Sunday, May 9th

Finally, the countdown can end! Becca’s is the last birthday of the four kids, between Jake’s birthday, at the beginning, to hers, there are 51 days and she counts down every single one of them! Yesterday she started the day by dancing around, singing ‘one more day, only one more day’; she truly loves her birthday, more so than any of the others.

Her present highlights: stuffed pink snake (she got this idea in her head months ago, no idea why and was desperate to get a pink snake), fish webkinz, American Girl doll PJs and fancy dress, Ariel Polly Pocket, DS game and wiggly tube craft activity (a huge hit, had I known everyone would fight over it, I would certainly have bought more!). She was a happy girl, thrilled to be seven, it was her day and she loved it.

Oh yes, it was also Mother’s Day but that wanes in importance when competing with Becca’s day! All the kids made me beautiful cards though and Dave grilled portabella mushrooms with fresh mozzarella, served with crusty bread for dinner, absolutely delicious, no complaints from me.

I had made Becca’s cake the night before and one of the privileges of being the birthday person is that you ice your own cake. She was so happy, covered in chocolate icing herself and then covering the top in the entire variety of sprinkles I offered her; it was pretty when she was done and tasted SO good!

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Ali Workentin said...

Sounds like Becca had a terrific 7th birthday! Thanks for sharing her day with us.