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Friday, May 28, 2010

From Portland to Diamond Lake: Thursday, May 27th

We had another early start as we drove south, first along the I-5 and then back into the windy, but pretty, National Forest roads. We saw a great many travel trailers on our journey today, including quite a few Outbacks. For the first time, we actually got acknowledgment from another OB, Dave always flashes his lights when we see one but rarely get a response.

Oregon is a beautiful state, very green, plenty of ski areas and campgrounds. We are enjoying our time here and wish we could have spent longer in this state; less than a week is not long enough.

We made it to Diamond Lake RV Park mid-afternoon. The drive took us past incredible views of snow covered mountains; so, so beautiful. The campground had only just opened the previous day and there was still plenty of snow on the ground. I knew that as soon as the little ones saw the snow, they would be out of the car like a shot – I wasn’t wrong!

Once again, I had to quickly persuade them to put on socks, boots, gloves, before I even had the words out of my mouth though, Nate was in the snow in his crocs and complaining about cold, wet feet, oh boy! They played and played, came in absolutely sodden and all exposed skin was bright red, however they were beaming and super happy. We were all pretty surprised that at the end of May, there was still plenty of snow around to play in, what will June bring?!

Before dinner, we walked the short pathway down to Diamond Lake. Even though it was only Thursday, there were already quite a few fishermen on boats out in the middle of the lake. Looking out over the water is beautiful enough, but then the amazing Diamond Peak rises up on the other side, covered in snow with interesting clouds above it; these views make sitting and reflecting for a few minutes, very easy.


Little House On Wheels said...

Our kids want to see snow so bad they can't stand it. We're from Florida and none of us have ever seen snow! We are however completely terrified to drive in it, lol.

The Valentine's said...

Driving through it the other day, when it was settling on the road, was a little disconcerting. We've driven through snow quite a bit in PA but never with the camper in tow. When we stayed in Carlsbad, we had a few inches of snow one morning, they LOVE it and never mind getting freezing cold!
I bet there will still be plenty of snow around once you get up to northern ca, or and wa - Lassen is still closed because of 8 feet nr the Visitor Center!
Would definitely recommend Lava Beds NM for their lava caves, thought of you guys while we were there, think you would enjoy it - so cool and wonderful little relaxed cg nearby: Eagles Nest, kind of hard to find but all worth it.
Where are you headed now?