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Friday, May 28, 2010

Circus, Circus: Wednesday, May 19th

When we were in Vegas, time didn’t allow us to enjoy a buffet dinner: Jake’s most favorite meal ever! We had promised him that when we got to Reno, we’d make sure to go to a buffet, so we went into the downtown area – sadly a little run-down now, Danielle was telling us that there isn’t a lot of funding for the downtown area as everything is thriving in the suburbs. We took the obligatory picture of the arched sign: ‘Reno, the Biggest Little City in the World’, before heading into Circus, Circus. Their buffet was closed but the casino is linked to two others by internal walkways, so we wandered through the Silver Legacy Casino and on into the Eldorado.

Now, their buffet set-up was impressive, Jake was in heaven, lots of variety and an amazing dessert selection. The kids had their required one plateful of ‘healthy’ food before heading towards the ice creams, chocolate cake, cheesecakes and other options. They had the most delicious bread-and-butter pudding with custard, I didn’t bother with anything else, it was SO good!

After dinner, we walked back across to Circus, Circus for one of their comedy-acrobatic performances, the duo was very good. These performances only last 5-10 minutes so never seem long enough but are fun to watch regardless. The stage is situated in the middle of the games area so the kids were eager to try their hand at some of them; they have yet to learn what a money-pit these are! We came home with a small stuffed shark/fish – yet another stuffed toy, not exactly what we needed!

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Marlene said...

Oooh, I got hungry just reading this post. How sad that the town has become "run down". :(