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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Readers Three….

It’s incredible; Becca has suddenly discovered the power of reading! Obviously when she finished Kindergarten, she had the basic grasp of easy words and could read the simple books. Throughout this school year, she’s made amazing progress and about 3 weeks ago, I gave her a Butterfly Meadow chapter book to see how she’d do – in five days, she read the five books we have in that series and started on the next lot of chapter books! Periodically, she’ll look up and say, “Listen to this…” but mostly she’s curled up somewhere – usually next to one of the others who are also curled up with a book. I love it, love to see it, love them.

Sometimes she’ll find a book to read to Nathan and this week Caitlin created ‘Caitlin Academy’ which takes place in the afternoons (we use ‘Valentine Academy’ as the name for our ‘school’!). Apparently Caitlin’s school is more fun than mine, she does art and story lessons and at one point, even organized gym class, the younger two are very much on board, Jake…..not so much!

He found a great book series at the National Park store: adventures which take place in the National Parks, produced by National Geographic. He bought the Everglades one and has already read it twice – I’m thinking we’ll probably have a few more by the end of the trip. It’s neat to read stories based on somewhere we’ve visited.

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Little House On Wheels said...

We are in the same place with Ellery! He is enamored by some fantasy cat sci fi series and already on his second book.

Btw- I thought I subscribed to your blog before but now I feel like a dork because I guess I didn't and wondered why I never got any of your posts, lol.