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Friday, May 28, 2010

Sinking Springs Library: Tuesday, May 18th

I checked nearby libraries and discovered one in Sinking Springs, Sparks, that was going to be showing the movie ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ – that was a big draw. The girls enjoyed watching it but Jake was far more interested in the books. I was able to get some more research done on homeschooling for next year. The older two have committed to staying home again next year and we will be joining a Classical Conversations group, so our curriculum will be changing from our fairly flexible approach this year to one that is a bit more structured next year; we’ll see where life takes us after that.

Nate had been up late the night before, complaining of ear pain, we’d tried all our usual tricks to help him, including a new one on us: warmed olive oil dropped in the ear. He eventually went to sleep for a few hours but still wasn’t feeling great. While we were at the library, he started crying in pain, holding the other ear. He is usually so easy-going, we knew he wasn’t well. Thankfully, we’d spotted an urgent care facility on the way in, so, while I took the others for dinner at The Spicy Pickle, Dave was with Nate as he was diagnosed with a double ear infection, bless him. Just a couple of days of antibiotics later, he was much more his normal self.

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