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Monday, May 10, 2010

From NV to CA: Sunday, April 25th

An early start to the morning, a long journey was ahead of us. We left the city, passing Rio and the Palms on the way out to yet more roads through the desert. At one point, Dave pointed out a neat mirage to us all. The haze over the sands really made it look as though there was a lake right there, in fact, we paused at the top of the hill to look back and prove that there wasn’t any water there!

We stopped for lunch in Tehachapi – had to put that in, cool name for a town!

As we continued our journey towards Three Rivers, the barren rock landscape gradually changed into fields of green, quite the change indeed from what we’ve been used to over the last few weeks.

We are staying at Sequoia RV Ranch, a very quiet little campground near Sequoia National Park. The views from our campsite are truly beautiful, mountains covered in trees and spring flowers. The River runs right next to the campground and although a swimming hole was advertised, the river is running so swiftly right now that the swimming hole is tough to see! Of course, I’m not sure the water temperature would be terribly inviting at the moment anyway – a tad on the chilly side!

During the week, there were only 2 or 3 other campers here, so very quiet, the bonus: great wi-fi reception! Unfortunately there is no playground but given how active and niggly the kids have been this week, I’ve had to chuck them outside a couple of times and they’ve managed to come up with enough to occupy themselves. It’s amazing what 4 Nerf guns and teams, with Jake on one side and the other three on the other, can lead to. They’ve had a great time running around in all the space, not being bothered by any traffic or people – perfect!

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